Accra Academy Fire : School not under any insurance policy

The board chairman for the Accra Academy Senior High, Mr. Wilson Tei, has disclosed that the school is currently not under any insurance policy after fire gutted the premises of the school, displacing 100 students.

According to Mr. Wilson Tei, the omen is rather an unfortunate one because of the lack of basic insurance education incorporated in second cycle institutions.

“When the news of the fire broke, many people called me to ask me if the school was insured, unfortunately, it is not, and if people knew what insurance stands for there will not be the issue of not having money because in the end, you lose more,” he said.

Mr. Tei made the remark during the launch of the Basic Insurance Education in Second Cycle Institutions on January 17 in Accra,.

On Tuesday, January 14, a fire outbreak occurred around 7:00 p.m. at the Alema and Halm Addo halls of the Accra Academy School, at a time the students were attending prep in their classrooms.

However, the personal belongings of the students have all been consumed and the cause of the fire outbreak is still unknown.

Source: Insure Ghana

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